Cobequid Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre CWRC February 50/50 Raffle - Draw 28

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winner takes $270

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Wed Mar 01 2023

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Wed Feb 01 2023

Sales End

Wed Mar 01 2023

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Wed Mar 01 2023

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Cobequid Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre

The Cobequid Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre (CWRC) has been serving Nova Scotia for nearly 20 years. We have helped thousands of injured and orphaned Nova Scotia wildlife receive the care they needed to get them back on their feet for release in the wild. We are fully permitted to rehabilitate all bird species, amphibians, reptiles, and some small mammals. Our special expertise in the rehabilitation of raptors is appreciated by wildlife rehabilitation centers near and far. We have the only continuous flight centre for rehabilitating large raptors in Canada, and we are one of only four such facilities in all of North America. 

 Our Wildlife Operations Manager, Brenda Boates, is certified by the International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council. She works tirelessly with a small and committed group of volunteers which includes veterinarians, and students, to provide the highest standards of rehabilitative care to our patients. 

We are a small, grassroots organization, and as such we depend entirely on public support. Traditionally our fundraising efforts are focused on in person activities such as bake sales, public workshops, and our annual benefits concert. But this year has been different from any other, and so we bring you our "50/50 Win for Wildlife" Lottery series hosted by RaffleBox. 

The funds raised from all of our fundraising efforts go directly back to wildlife care. Our goals for fundraising at this time and into 2021 include:

  •  ·      Everyday supplies for the daily care and husbandry of wildlife
  • ·         New outdoor enclosure(s) - we had the exciting opportunity to work with the Dalhousie University on a conceptual project in 2020, and we would love to see their design come to life in 2021 - stay tuned for more information! 
  • ·         Updating our existing buildings 
  • ·         New indoor enclosures

 All of us here at the CWRC thank you for your generous support and wish you luck in our Win For Wildlife raffles.

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